Miriam Racquel


About Miriam Racquel

Miriam Racquel  (Meryl) is a Somatic Healer and Clarity Coach who empowers women in their relationships, career and health. She is an international certified coach, writer, and speaker based in Illinois and is the creator of the Welcoming Nest, a unique art expression of weaving design.

It is Miriam’s fervent belief that no circumstance, relationship, or situation is merely a product of coincidence and she helps her clients access healing and reveal their body, emotional and soul wisdom to get clarity, guidance and relief.  She is the author of two ebooks, Soul Speak: Exercises to Increase Your Intuitive Wisdom, Guide 1 and Guide 2 and is currently editing her forthcoming memoir about her spiritual journey of self discovery by studying the wisdom of Jewish mysticism.


Why did you become a coach?

A few years ago, while I was busy as a wife, mom and second in command in my husband’s cell phone company, I suffered from a lack of energy, physical back, hip and leg pain and chronic UTI’s. I felt drained and exhausted. I went on a self help journey which included hiring a coach. The research I did along with the in depth work with my coach helped me get clarity on my life and as a result, my whole world opened up. I went on to get trained as a Martha Beck certified coach and then further training as an endorsed Mind-Body, Somatic healer. I no longer suffer from debilitating chronic UTI’s, exercise regularly and have more energy. I am empowered with my body, emotional and intuitive wisdom which has lead to a more vibrant, creative and joyful life with fulfilling relationships, clarity, intimacy, and health. I deeply desire for every woman to discover this as well which is why I became a coach.

Who are your clients and what do they want?

My clients are women from all walks of life and faiths, ranging in age from mid-twenties to 70’s from across the globe. Some come to me seeking clarity in their relationships, in their careers, in their health or in their life callings. Some come seeking emotional and/or physical pain relief. Some come seeking trauma relief. I also have clients who come because they have a decision to make and are looping in their heads for the answer. It’s so draining to do that and the work we do together brings an end to that confusion. 

For my Creativity Programs, clients are seeking a fun, yet deep experience that opens them up to hearing their Soul Speak wisdom. Some clients have buried their creative sides for years because of their busy lives and these sessions open them up to a beautiful and necessary part of themselves.

There’s so many coaches out there. How does your coaching differ from others?

My coaching works with the whole person – their body, emotions, mind and soul. Each session integrates these parts, heals the body on a cellular level and gives clarity to my client’s questions. In one session there can be a shift of neural pathways, a releasing of stuck emotional energy, trauma healing and an alignment with the soul because of the Somatic and integrative nature of the type of coaching I do. I also do not give advice nor do I tell my clients what to do or the best way to do something. The process is gentle, healing and revolutionary.

Can I really expect results from coaching with you?

Yes! I love what I do and am so grateful to bring this work to others. Hundreds of women have gotten clarity, relief and alignment with their true selves from our coaching together. See what one client had to say:

I decided to work with Miriam Racquel because I was going through a time in my life when I needed to make a critical decision, and I kept going back and forth in my mind about what to do. I had lots of logical reasons to use to make the decision, but until I worked with Miriam I wasn’t in tune with what my body and emotions were trying to tell me about what to do. As soon as I tapped into that and got clear about what to do I had such a sweet peace and relief and the decision was an easy one to make. Instead of feeling stuck and indecisive, I took action, and it ended up leading me to a place where I’ve never felt as at home and happy. Thank you Miriam!

– Janelle Holden: Valier, Montana

What’s the easiest way to get started with you?

I offer a complimentary Clarity Call and a complimentary Creativity Call to see if we’re a good fit. 

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