Let’s Get Clear!

Working Together


Be Strong. Be Wise.
Be in Your Power.

Imagine taking clearly guided steps to make the career change you’re yearning for.

Imagine getting relief from those aches and pains and exercising again.

Imagine bringing intimacy and connection back into your relationship.

Imagine knowing how to help your teenager through their high school relationship dramas.

Most of us stay in our heads trying to ‘think our way’ to answers. But this doesn’t get us the tangible solutions we’re looking for.

The truth is that there’s a reliable and trusted path to knowing and getting clarity. Your body, emotions and soul have tremendous wisdom for you. Working together, we can get you the relief, joy and peace-of-mind that Somatic Healing and Clarity Coaching bring.

As Sharone put it:

“I am floored every time I enter a session feeling tied up in knots, and come out the other side with clarity and calm.”

Schedule your complimentary Clarity call today to begin your journey. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for and how I can help through a series of six sessions. Step onto the path of Knowing.

Schedule your 20-minute complimentary Clarity Call today. Looking forward!