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Let’s Get Creative!

Creativity Coaching

Tap into your creativity to reveal your authentic self!

Add freshness, spice and joy to your relationships, career and life!

Find relief from stress without medicine or meditation!

Join Miriam on a journey to uncover your natural intuition through play!

That yearning for ‘something more’ or that anxious feeling in your gut may just be your soul’ s way of telling you that you need to flex your creativity muscles.

In the craziness of our hectic world, creativity seems to have gotten lost, but it’ s making a comeback.

Remember as a child how much joy you experienced when you played? Creativity is a type of ‘ play’ and one that as adults we either omit or do way too seriously. But can you imagine tapping into your creative side without judging yourself? What if you simply played with your creativity in a way of joyfulness and childlike fun?

Research studies show that ‘ playing’ is actually good for adults. In his book Play, author and psychiatrist Stuart Brown, MD, compares play to oxygen. He writes, “…it’ s all around us, yet goes mostly unnoticed or unappreciated until it is missing.”

You’ d be surprised how powerful it is to start to play with your creativity in simple ways with no pressure, no self – judgement and no inner critic. Worlds open up to you as your imagination stretches.

Nurturing your creative spark:

  1. Brings stress relief
  2. Opens up your intuitive channels
  3. Rejuvenates your body
  4. Increases your joy

Miriam Racquel has guided hundreds of women to play with their creative centers. She brings a new paradigm shift to collaging, vision boarding and Nest weaving for her clients. These Creativity sessions are done virtually and are led with compassion and guidance. Included in the Creativity session packages is Welcoming Nest weaving. When you sign up, Miriam Racquel sends you a kit with all natural materials – yarn fibers, jute, raffia and spanish moss. The clients delight in the meditative yet playful process of crafting their very own Welcoming nest.

I nourish mySelf in nature’s lap and all troubles slip quietly away. Sitting in the sun beside my nest, anything seems possible, almost easy, Sitting in the sun beside my nest, I welcome the possibilities in. I’m very grateful that Miriam’s artful and gentle facilitation style allowed me the space for my nest, and reconnection with nature, to emerge. Thank you Miriam!
– Mary Ashton

Creativity Coaching
Creativity Coaching
Creativity Coaching
Creativity Coaching
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