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God Said What?


#1 New Release and Gold Award Winner!

God Said What?!


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A mysterious letter shows up from an old college boyfriend throwing Meryl’s life into turmoil. When a local rabbi warns her that her ex, David, has been brainwashed into a cult, Meryl is pulled into the mystical world of religious Judaism in a way that her stubbornly atheist self would never have expected. Once a free-spirited Grinnell College grad living a hippie life in Berkeley, California she now finds herself in Israel on a rescue mission to bring him home. To accomplish her mission, Meryl must come face to face with her heritage and her own beliefs about God and the universe while struggling with the powerful pulling of her heartstrings and her hope of building a life together with the man who she has always believed to be her soulmate.

Official NFAA Review of God Said What?!

“Reading Miriam Racquel Feldman’s memoir God Said What?! feels like sitting down across from the author to listen to her candidly speak her mind in a way others wish they could, and leaning in to hear her whisper innermost thoughts and personal reflections she’s not quite sure should be said aloud in mixed company. Readers–regardless of their religious, cultural, or familial background–will find her raw honesty refreshing and relatable, not to mention educational (the Glossary of Terms and the Resources section at the back of the book are incredible), as the author shares her recollection of conversations, interactions, and traditions that give insight into aspects of the Jewish faith that may be unfamiliar to many. Historical accounts as experienced firsthand by family and community members are plentiful and engaging. Photos sprinkled throughout the book allow readers to put faces to the “characters”–family and friends–who helped shape the author’s life in various ways over the years.  A journey like the one Feldman writes about in her book is understandably emotional. Feelings are splashed across every page, and the author’s writing style pulls readers into those moments easily. God Said What?! will inspire many in ways they don’t even expect by the time they turn the final page. A truly special book!”

Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program

Rave Reviews for God Said What?!

“Miriam writes in a voice that resonates with so many of us, from a place that feels both refreshing and skeptical, with a heart that pounds with life.”

–Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, Senior Editor at,world-renowned expert on Jewish mysticism, and author of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

“I distract easily—and I could not put this book down. The author’s words spoke to me as if she was sitting across the table, leaned over with a cup of tea, sharing every detail. I was with her every step of her journey, following her open heart and curious nature through defiance and resistance, to becoming a woman of unshakable faith and contribution. This is a spiritual romance story of becoming oneself and finding love of G-d.”

–Gail Tremblay, Martha Beck certified life coach


Miriam Racquel (Meryl) Feldman is a wife, mom, somatic healer, relationship coach, and writer. She helps empower women to trust the wisdom of their bodies, emotions, and souls as well as blogging about the mystical happenings of an ever-changing world.  Discover more at and You can follow her on social media @ where she converses daily about Jewish mysticism and healing concepts based on themes of the Jewish months.