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Clarity Conscious Tip

Dear Awesome Woman,

Never. Give. Your. Power. Away.

And that is what we sometimes do when we hire and pay an expert. We look to them with hope and expectations that they can help us get what we need. And yet how often do you find yourself disappointed? You walk away from a situation feeling frustrated and annoyed that your needs didn’t get met.  

What happened and what can we do about it?

Here are 4 recovery and discovery steps:

1) Don’t be so hard on yourself – in order to turn our dreams into reality, we need to take action. Taking action involves some hit and miss attempts. ‘Miss’ because the results didn’t look like what you expected. Expectations are ‘false visions of the future’ and a part of the human condition. It takes courage to take forward steps so give yourself a high five and hug for being brave. Be your own cheerleader.

2) Realize you may have given your awesome power away – we all do this with the experts. Yes, they may know more in some areas and that’s why you’re speaking to them – they have something to share. But it’s also important to keep connected to your own inner wisdom – to keep your antenna up to what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense. If it doesn’t make sense, meaning – doesn’t resonate with you – put it aside for a bit. I’ll share Clarity Conscious Tips in the future that will help you access whether you’re experiencing resistance from your ego or from your soul. Big difference.

3) Reassess the situation with the expert – if the lack of resonance is happening too much then they may not be the one for you to be partnering up with. Ultimately it is a partnership when you work with someone. Yes, you may be on the receiving end, but you’re also on the giving end – exchanging energy (money most likely). Use your awesome discerning powers (we all have them) to decide whether you want to continue to move forward with this person.

4) Remember that all our needs are met by our Higher Power – that means that behind every physical thing on this planet is a Divine Source. And that Divine source created you and therefore knows and understands your blueprint. My belief is that we’ve been here before – in Jewish mysticism it’s called ‘gilgul’ which refers to reincarnation. Perhaps you needed that energy exchange with that individual because you owed them money from a past life. Perhaps the relationship was reversed and you were the expert in the past giving them a headache. Either way, all your needs are being met at every moment. If you don’t have it right this very second it means you don’t need it – on some level – spiritually, emotionally etc. This does not mean that you don’t take steps to get the thing you want (peace with your partner, a new job, more money, better health etc.) – it just means that there may be a deeper learning and lesson in the way you get it. Perhaps you needed to learn boundary setting with this ‘expert’ or needed to learn to speak up for yourself. Or you needed to learn how to let go and walk away from a situation that is hurting you. Whatever it is, G-d has plenty of ‘experts’ and if you truly ‘need’ something, G-d will bring you another expert that can help you.

I consider myself an expert in coaching women to get clarity in their lives, but I will never take away their power and I don’t give advice as to what they ‘should’ do. We’re all so different and my coaching style helps women hear their own intuitive wisdom that is unique to them. Schedule your complimentary Clarity call today!