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Published Articles & Podcasts/Classes—I Always Feel Like I’m Getting My Parenting Wrong, November 2021.—Feeling Rejected By My Former Shabbat Hosts, November 2021.—My Husband Gets Agitated Over Every Request, October 2021.—Introverted Wife, Extroverted Husband: How to Have Shabbat Guests, October 2021.—Tension With My Spouse Regarding Important Issues, September 2021.—Criticized by Family Members for Becoming Religious, August 2021.

Facebook Live in Malibu with Miriam Yerushalmi—Somatic Healing, August 2021.

Class with Miriam Yerushalmi—Emotional Release in the Month of Elul, August 2021.—Straddling Two Worlds While Becoming More Observant, August 2021.—The Hidden Gorilla in the Room, August 2021.

Podcast InterviewMindbody Wellness for Dating, Jewish Singles Radio, July 28, 2021.—His Name Was Angel, July 2021.—Raise Your Elevation: What to Think When a Situation Doesn’t Take Off as Planned, May, 2021.

Nishei Ora— The Healing Grace of Self-Compassion, p. 22-23, Spring issue, 2021.—To Button or Not Button? Hitting the Reset Button and Becoming a Modest Goddess, March 2021.

Class With Miriam Yerushalmi—Somatic Healing, February 2021.—Is All Shame Bad? From Shame to Connection, January 2021.

N’shei Newsletter—My Mother-In-Law Aliza—A Legacy of Light, Love & Spirit, December 2020.

Nishei Ora—Releasing Community Control and Widening the Path of Torah, p.26-27, Chanukah, 2020.

Nishei Ora Jewish Women’s Magazine—Educating the Children of BTs, p.50, Fall 2020.

Nishei Jewish Women’s Magazine—Deposits in Your Marriage Bank Account, p. 6, Summer 2020.

Nishei Jewish Women’s Magazine—Mind-Body Awareness, p. 19, Spring 2020.

Nashim Magazine—Honesty in Your Marriage? No Way!, February, 2020.

Nashim Magazine—Wellness and Beauty—Healing Trauma-Allow Yourself to Shake, June, 2019.

Thrive Global –Contributing Post-Tap into Your Body’s Reaction-Surprisingly Effective Ways to Relieve Stress in 10 Seconds or Less by Marina Khidekel, Editorial Director at Thrive Global, June, 2019.

Nashim Magazine-Ask the Expert-Jealousy-When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged, May, 2019.

Nashim Magazine—Beauty and Wellness—How Does Your Brain Garden Grow—5 Tools to Thrive, March/2019

Nashim Magazine—Ask the Expert—Three Ways to Make a Safe Exit From a Narcissist/Borderline, February/2019

Nashim Magazine—Wellness and Beauty—Do You Really Need to Get to the Other Side?—Creating Healthy Goals the Mindbody Wellness Way January/2019

Thrive Global—Contributing post—Unexplained Pain, Thirteen Surprising Signs of Burnout You May Be Missing, by Marina Khidekel, Editorial Director at Thrive Global, November 9, 2018

Nashim Magazine—Ask the Expert—Dating Anxiety, 2018

Nashim Magazine—Wellness and Beauty—Are You a Superwoman? November/2018

Nashim Magazine—Ask the Expert— Balancing Our Energies October/2018

Nashim Magazine—Ask the Expert— Mom, My Neck is Hurting—Why Are You Talking to Me About My Feelings? August/2018

Featured Newsletter and Blog for Abigail Steidley: Flowing with the Flow July/2018

N’shei Newsletter You’ve Got To Feel To Heal: Taking Dr. Sarno To The Next Level February/2018

Featured Newsletter and Blog For Abigail Steidley Ahh – Pain! Is it the flu, my diet, the herniated disc, my thyroid, or my emotions? February/ 2018

Featured Newsletter and Blog For Abigail Steidley Empowering Yourself and Your Children May/2017

Natural Awakenings Making Peace With Our Bodies October/2016 

Natural Awakenings The UTI Soulution For Urinary Tract Infections May/2016 
Grinnell Magazine A Grinnellian’s Transformation Summer, 2016
Featured Newsletter and Blog for Abigail Steidley The Healer in You  December/2016
Featured Newsletter and Blog for Abigail Steidley Let It Flow  July/2016
Featured Newsletter and Blog for Abigail Steidley Mom, My Neck is Hurting – Why Are You Talking About My Feelings? 6/9/2016