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Mindbody Wellness For Your Life

Saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”?
People-pleasing to your detriment?
Body’s aches and pains, autoimmune issues, vertigo, insomnia,?

What are your emotions really telling you?
How is your body speaking to you?
What is your intuition whispering?

End burnout for good.

Also, gives you access to another gift e-guide—Escape from the Borderline/ Narcissist’s Web  If you give your power away in relationships, you and your body will not like the results. So please don’t. One of the most dangerous ways a person gives their power away is in a relationship with a Borderline/Narcissist. The way to prevent this is to recognize early on who these individuals are and make wise, discerning choices in either how to engage with them or best of all, not to engage with them. Emotional blackmail, manipulation and control dominate these toxic relationships, and knowledge and action are the keys to freedom.

Helping women create a beautiful relationship and marriage to come home to, one in which they and their partner bloom to their highest potential in an atmosphere of emotional safety and deep love. 

This guide brings you into the wisdom of your body as well as your mind, with practical tips, red flags and other pertinent information to highly discern the partner you are considering to share your life with. You will feel empowered in the dating process as you go on your journey of creating a partnership of love, connection and kindness.

Free yourself from the harmful effects of built up resentment, stress, trauma, anxiety and disempowerment. Emotions can flow with greater ease through using the ROAR! Process, an effective somatic release technique that results in a healthier you. Great for releasing stuck energy for both adults and children alike.

This guide brings the Orthodox Jewish dating woman into the wisdom of her body as well as her mind, with questions, red flags and other pertinent information to highly discern the partner she is considering to share her life with. With this guide I hope to do my part in helping women have a strong foundation and feel empowered to build a partnership of love, connection, kindness and kiddusha.

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